Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some Randomness and State Link-Up!

I yelled. I cheered. I lost my voice and got sick! I went to the Seattle Sounders game yesterday. (I talked about it in my last post.) Sadly we lost (booo) but we’ll pull it together. I just took some Nyquil so I’m going to have to keep this quick. Otherwise who knows what I will write.

Have you seen this?

Diane at Fifth inthe Middle has made a place for bloggers to link up by state. I love this idea! I have seen lots of teacher bloggers meeting up and I would love to get that going in Washington too. Plus she has these awesome buttons you can add to your blog for each state.

More randomness.(Theme of the night. Maybe the Nyquil is working faster than I know.)

Have you seen this AT&T commercial? Oh.My.Word! Every time I see it I laugh SO hard. I immediately think of my students. I know that I have had a moment just like that. Have you?

Well, I am going to try to stay up for the end of the Walking Dead and then it’s bedtime for me.

Have a Happy Monday!


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  1. Hi Krystyn,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday :) I have been looking around yours and love it :) I have been kind of MIA in the blogging world for the past three months (EEEEKKK!) because I am getting married in three weeks (double EEEEEKKKKKKK!). But I am so excited to see this Washington Blogger thing! I will look into that for sure :)

    I also love this AT&T video. I LOVE the one with the girl who talks about wanting more and more because you really like it and you just want more but your mom and dad wont give it to you but you just want more, lol, I cry-laugh every time! I think I love most how the other kids sit there like everything is normal...and yes, that is how it goes in the classroom almost every day :)