Friday, March 1, 2013

Five for Friday (March 1st)

Happy Friday! (Can I get a whoop whoop?!) Man-o-man this week was crazy. I’m linking up with Kacey at Doddle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.

1.   This week I completely overhauled the way I taught math. It all started when I was blog stalking and came across Stephanie’s at 3rd Grade Thoughts blog. She has a whole section on how she has set up math rotations within her class. I figured I would give it a shot. AMAZING! Why had I not thought of this before? My students like it too because I am able to be more specific to their specific needs and they are able to move around more. However, I am still working on how to ensure they are actually doing their work.

Here is Stephanie's anchor chart.

2.   We have been working hard at place value. I saw this adorable activity from Abby Mullins on Marshmallow Place Value activity last year. I have been dying to use it. My kids loved it! Anytime they can use/eat food, they are game. Check out the freebie here.

3.   This is all of my math centers. Eeek! It is frightening just looking at it. I think I am going to assemble a packet. We have been having a little problem with students only doing 1 activity. Hopefully this will fix the problem.


4.   In addition to changing my math all around, I also decided to implement some whole brain teaching strategies I have been hearing so much about. What a change that has made. I am only doing a portion of it so far, but I am excited how successful we have been so far.

This video is not me but I absolutely love her take on whole brain teaching. It makes me want to be in her class.
5.   The best part of my week is yet to come. Tomorrow the Seattle Sounders start the 2013 season. (For those of you that don’t know, they are a soccer team.) My entire family is HUGE fans! We yell, scream, and holler the entire 90 minutes. I offen go to work the next day without a voice.
My brother, mom, and I at last year's game.

WOW! My brother and I look so alike. Haha

Enjoy your weekend! What do you like to do that is non-teaching related?



  1. I enjoyed reading your 5 for Friday! I just linked up myself! I am in desperate need of a MATH block overhaul so thank you for the references! And keep us posted on your progress with the math rotations! I would love to hear more!
    Happy to be a new follower!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  2. Replies
    1. I love giving my students opportunities to do more hands-on math activities. Our curriculum doesn't have too many. Most of the lesson practice comes out of a workbook. I have found that I get better results when I have interactive activities AND the workbook pages. They seem to like math more that way. (I don't blame them!)