Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fossils, Fossils, and Fossils...Oh My!

Happy Wednesday!

I am so close to Spring Break, I can feel it! Our school district gives us 2 full days with no kids to do conferences. Most teachers meet with parents throughout the week, so they can have Friday off. I have 10 conferences tomorrow standing in between Spring Break and I. (Boy, am I ready.) Today the students were practically buzzing with excitement. My 2nd grade team and I decided to pull out all the stops this week. We came up with 3 different activities to try to keep the kids engaged.

The first activity we did was building dinosaurs using marshmallows and tooth picks. Some of their models were HUGE but they loved it. (Especially eating their dinosaurs.)

The next activity we did also invloved fossils but the students used noodles and play-doh. The play-doh acted as "dirt" and the students formed the noodles into what they think a fossilized dinosaur would look like.

All the play-doh and noodles.

I love the last couple of dinosaurs.

The last activity we did, I got from Abby's The Inspired Apple blog. The students get to become palentologists by digging out chocolate chips from chocolate chip cookies.

Of course the best part was they got to eat the cookies after they were done.

We topped the day with a root beer float party that the students earned for good behavior. Oi, I am tired. I just keep telling more day, one more day, one more day.

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  1. Your fossil activities look so fun! Yay for Spring Break! We have a work day today too, then we're officially on Spring Break tomorrow! Good luck getting through today!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies