Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day...sigh

Oh.My.Word....I am so tired! (I can hear the amens from teachers across the world.) I made them wait until the last possible moment for their Valentine’s Day party. I actually have a double prep today so the party itself was only about 20 minutes. Thank goodness! It was 20 minutes of pure craziness. I had my students pass out their Valentines before recess to try to minimize some of the craziness. It sorta worked.

Look at our adorable Love Monsters. My kids love them! I got them from this “All You Need is Love” unit by the Teacher Wife Mrs. Lindsey. At of the end of the day, one of my students’ bags broke. He kept on yelling “My monster exploded!” Aww...

I love where the eyes are on this one.

We also did an experiment on whether the students liked chocolate kisses or hugs more. I got this freebie from Cara Carroll last year. I thought this was a fabulous did my kids.

Take a look at all of our snacks! Oi! I actually ended up saving some of them for tomorrow. I thought it was a little excessive to have 5 cookies per kid. Yikes! They were already bouncing off the walls with the amount of sweets we had.

I whipped up these quick freebies. One to go with the compound word concepts and the other to go with our fossil unit.

Graphics by Scrappin' Doodles

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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