Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Proud Teacher Moment

Today was awesome! We have been working so hard with fractions for the last couple weeks. Today we took the end of the unit test and ALL of my students did AWESOME! That’s right. I said it! AWESOME! These are the moments that I am reminded why I teach. I am so proud of how they did. (Insert happy dance here.)

In other news, yesterday we dove into this adorable mini Splat the Cat unit from Cara Carroll. It is based on the book by Rob Scratton “Love, Splat!”
Click on the picture to take you to Cara's TpT store.

It is so stinkin’ cute. Definitely a must read around Valentine’s Day. (Even my boys that are “too cool” for anything girly loved the story. If you knew them, you would know what a feat this is.) Cara also included this craftivity. Take a look at how they turned out.

"I felt loved when my Dad got me a donut that was shaped like a heart."

"I felt loved when I was sick and my Mom gave me hot cocoa."
One of my students said “I want mine to look just like yours Ms. Richards!” (Awww.they are so sweet.)
Are you planning for Valentine’s Day yet? What are you planning to do?

Half way through the week! Yeah!

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