Monday, February 11, 2013

Fossils, Camouflage, and some Freebies

Hello Monday! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. I know I did, but it was way too short. On Friday, my class went down to visit our Kindergarten buddies. Before Groundhog’s Day we had started this adorable activity. My 2nd graders traced their Kindergarten buddies on a piece of while butcher paper. Then both the Kindergarteners and 2nd graders cut out the drawing and colored it to match the kindergartener. We are going to add shadows to each drawing this week. When we are finished we will have life-sized Kindergarteners with shadows! Here is how far they got.

Last week we also finished up our camouflage unit with this quick activity. I think they turned out great! The best part was that it is so fast to get everything organized. Just cut whatever wrapping paper you have around the house to the size of the clip art. (Note: When you pick the wrapping paper, make sure the design is not to complex. It is really hard for the students to copy the design if there are a lot of pictures.)


Click this picture to download your very own freebie.
Today we just started my favorite unit of our reading curriculum: Fossils. I have been hard at work with a new Fossils Literacy Unit. It has a ton of activities to help our students. Plus, I found this adorable dinosaur clip art package by Scrappin’ Doddles. Click on the picture to take you to my store to take a closer look.
Have a great week!

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