Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This, That and a Giveaway

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I logged into my blog today when I got back from school and I was happy to find that I had reached 97 followers on my blog! Whoohoo! You know what that means...

Stay tuned for this wonderful giveaway. I am hoping to go live in a couple of days. If you are interested and/or willing to donate to my giveaway please email me at

In other was my 1st field day as a teacher. At the school I was at before, we didn't have field day. There were 17 stations in 3 hours. My poor kiddos were burnt, tired, sweaty, and stinky but they LOVED it! Take a look.

To top off everything else, one of my students made me lumpia and pancit. Yum! I will have leftovers for lunch and dinner tomorrow!

Don't forget to head over to Magic, Mistakes, and Mayhem for her 200 follower giveaway AND over to Tori's Teacher Tips for her 800 Follower Giveaway.

I going to finish my night supporting the USA Men's National Team.


  1. Hello! I am hoping this works this time :) Looks like field day was tons of fun and I am sure you are looking forward to finishing up on Thursday. I am looking forward to your giveaway! Have a wonderful last few days, I will be thinking of you.

    1. It did work! Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are enjoying your summer. How did the Jane like your thesis? Let me know if you have any questions about it or you need someone to read it over. Stick with it. You are almost done.