Saturday, August 24, 2013

Classroom Reveal 2103

Phew! I can't believe how fast this week has gone. I am in full-on classroom readiness mode. Like everyone else, we have had all kinds of Professional Development this week. I am pretty much done with my classroom so I figured I would link up with Courtney from Swimming into Second and Jessica from Tales from a First Grade Teacher to show you my room.

If you follow me on Instagram @msrichardssmusings you have already seen most of these pictures.

Numbers, Bucket Fillers, coat hooks

From my kidney table

"Carpet" area. I hate this rug but it will have to work for now.

Classroom Library

Reading Genre Posters

Teacher area

Small Group
I still need to find a spot to put the objectives. Any suggestions?


  1. Hi Krystyn,
    THanks so much for linking up!! Your room looks great! I'd put the objectives up in the front of the room--if you can find a spot! Ha! I never seem to have enough wall space.

    1. Thank you! I think most people have a hard time finding wall space. Haha I actually only have 1 bulletin board. However, my building is really old and has gone through tons of teachers hanging things on the wall. Now there are awkward spots on the wall where whiteboards were taken down and the paint has been pulled off. (Gross, right?!) So I made my own "bulletin boards" to cover the parts that have paint coming off. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Krystyn,
    I purchased foam board from Staples...that way it is portable and can move from place to you could always put something o n the other side.
    Spent a few days in my new room trying to get organized....meanwhile just so you know..I have yet to send your goodies..hoping too by week's end. Sorry for the delay...have been exhausted!
    Cheers to a great year!

    1. Thank you for the great suggestion! I'll have to look into that.

  3. Your room looks great! I love your Reading Genre posters and your carpet area. It looks so organized! Thanks for linking up!

    Swimming into Second

  4. Your room looks awesome. It looks like you are all ready to go. Thanks for sharing.