Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Fraction Quickie

For the last 2 weeks, my class has been diligently working on fractions. We have been slowly working our way through this Fraction Unit that I made to reinforce all the concepts we have been working on. Click on the picture to purchase it from Teacher's Pay Teachers.

Yesterday, we played “I have, Who has” fraction version. Success!! All the students were engaged and enjoying the game. After we played the game, the students were independently working on the workbook pages from our math curriculum. As a whole, I was feeling like my students were understanding fractions. Then it happened I was helping one of my students with one of the questions they were working on that asked them to compare fractions in a variety of ways. The student looks at me and asks “What’s a fraction?” (Insert Homer Simpson voice: Doh!) A gazillion things were running through my head but I was saved by one of my other students that said “What we have been working on all day!” (Oh the things kids say.) Thank goodness they said that because my mind was still trying to come up with the most diplomatic thing to say! Has that ever happened to you? It would appear that I have a little re-teaching to do. As soon as I got home today, I whipped up this quick BINGO game using fractions and a small assessment. I also have this in my store.

I will be doing the assessment first thing tomorrow and pull those students while the rest of the class is playing BINGO. How do you assess your students to ensure that all of them are understanding the concept you are teaching?

Half-way through the week! Yeah!

Happy Wednesday,

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