Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Classroom Management with Money and a Freebie

Happy Wednesday fellow educators!

I figured I would kick off my next blog talking about how my management system works. This last fall, I moved to a new school district. My other 2nd grade team members already had a management system set-up using money. Anyone that has ever taught 2nd grade or money knows that this can be a difficult concept. It really depends on the students experience with money. I figure I would give it a go.

Each student can get a total of 4 pennies. Everyday students start on 2 pennies. As the day progress, they can either earn pennies or lose pennies. If they are following directions, on-task, etc. they can earn pennies and if they are not doing these things they can also lose them.

This year I have a whopping 28 kids! (YIKES!) So you can imagine, I run out of pennies quickly. I figured this would be a perfect chance for my students to get practice exchanging money. At the end of each month we have a store. I am not a big fan of treasure boxes so I was really excited when I saw these coupons that Laura Martin from Peace, Love, and First Grade made for her class. I just quickly copied them and attached a value to them. They were a HUGE hit! By far the most popular coupon is the privilege to take off their shoes in the classroom. I would never have thought! Plus, they are easy to store and there are so many things to choose from.

Last week we just started the unit about money. I whipped up this little cheat sheet for them. I made it bookmark size because our math curriculum comes with workbooks. I figured it could be used in two ways: a bookmark and a reference. They loved it! Check it out by clicking here.

Graphics: Ginger Snaps, Fonts: Kevin and Amanda

I also made these money cards with different amounts of money on them. There are a ton of ways that you could use them! Today I passed out the cards and each student wrote a different way to make the same amount on their whiteboards. Then they passed the whiteboard to their neighbor on their left and their neighbor checked their work. My students loved this activity! In all of my excitement, I forgot to take pictures. =( We are going to do this activity again tomorrow so I will post them later.

Fonts: Kevin and Amanda

How is your classroom management system set-up? How do you teach money?


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