Saturday, September 21, 2013

Crazy Year!

Hello followers!

This week has been a doozy. I caught all that crud that my students have been passing to each other last Sunday. Take a look at my coffee table.

Yuck! I couldn't stop sneezing. I have never been sick this soon in the school year. I even considered writing sub plans. It was that bad. I hate writing sub plans, especially on Day 10 of the school year.

As I was lying on the couch this week with flannel pajamas, a hoodie, 2 fleece blankets, and a mug of tea, my sweetie reminded me that I probably got sick because of all the things I am doing this year.  As many of you already know, this year I am in the process of getting my National Board Certification. I also realized that I am going to have to prioritize. I have decided that while I am getting my National Board Certification this year, I am going to have to put my blog on a bit of a hold. I still plan on posting but they are not going to be as frequent as they were in the past.

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Before I go, take a look at our science activity that we did this week. We explored balance with these "trick crayfish" from our Foss Kit. This is my favorite activity from the kit.

We even walked around the school balancing the crayfish on their fingers. The kids LOVED it!

It is cloudy day in Washington today. Perfect day to watch movies on my couch and plan for next week.

Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. I caught the crud too! EW! And good for you getting your National Board. I'm THIS close to doing it. I'm so nervous about it though!
    Rowdy in First Grade