Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Working On It: June 25

Hey everyone!

I'm linking up with the lovely KinderGals for their weekly linky: Working on It! I am sharing what I am currently working on.

I have only been out of school for about a week and I already have started working on my Summer To-Do List.

If you follow my Instagram account, you have already seen this picture.

I am only on Chapter 10 and I love this book. Many of the things I didn't consider to be the turning point to successfully interacting with your students are. For example, I have the rule that there are no toys allowed in the classroom. When students "test" your rules by bringing toys into the classroom, I have always told them to put them back in their backpacks. While that usually works for that DAY, I am having the same conversation with either the same student or another one the following day. This book points out that I have this rule, however students are noticing that I showing them that I will just give them a warning if they bring in a toy and there are not any real consequences to bring a toy to school. This is just one example of what is discussed in this book. I have found this book to be really eye opening and I have enjoyed it so far.

I am also getting my lesson plans ready for my read alouds during the year. We start the year reading Because of Winn-Dixie. 

I finished packing up my room yesterday. YEAH! While it doesn't look like it, it is ready to go. My janitor is a gem and he said that we don't need to have lids on all of our boxes. That helped a ton because I have oddly shaped boxes, shelves, etc  that was really hard to pack.

Last but not least, I am working on making my long range plans for next year. I usually don't make long range plans but I always wish I did about half way through the year. I figured I would give it a shot this year.

It is not all work though, next week I am going camping for my 30th birthday. We are actually going to the same site I used to go to as a kid! I can't wait!

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